Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Merlin News

Apologies to Mr Allen Dick for using your name in a cheap dig at Taff. Apologies also to Taff for calling him Taff and not Mr Mark Davies. The Welsh can be so sensitive.
All the digs at Mark Davies have worked as 3 second places last week have been backed up by an impressive victory in the Turkey Trot. He won by 3 clear shots to take the top prize of a bottle of brandy and a meat voucher. He's on fire.
Apologies also to dinks for forgetting to mention your score of 14 on the 6th in last weeks medal. There was a 26 on that hole though. And I believe Kev White stopped counting at 14 on the 12th and has since given up golf.
Customs result
1st Mark Austerfield
2nd Cam Donnelly
3rd Adrian Steele
Turkey trot
1 Mark Davies
2 Jody Clark
3 Cam Donnelly
Ladies winner
Jackie Buckingham
2's Dave Osgood, Barry Lumley, A Jones, Ian Colwill, R Berry.
There were 12 other prizes won by various other members but you don't get a mention for finishing 4th or worse.
This weeks nearly man award has to go to Cam Donnelly. ( I don't mean nearly tall enough )
2nd and 3rd maybe next week you might win.
Also a special mention to Mr John Prior who 3 putted on the 16th he left his first one short the second popped over the hole. Not worth a special mention until you are told that the first putt was from 2 inches. Ben Crossley News !!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Merlin News

Winter league 
1st Jody Clark and Cam Donnelly
2nd Rob Hall and Taff

December medal
Div 1
1st Adrian Steele
2nd Taff
3rd Pete Curnow
Div 2
1st Ben Crossley
2nd A Neave
3rd Stan Livingstone
Div 3
1st D Price
2nd L Sykes
3rd S Buckingham 

Ladies winner 
J Buckingham 

A Steele, R Berry, A Dick (not Taff), all got 2's and won 9 brand new titleist balls Mr Barlow and Mr Turvey also got 2's but forgot to enter the 2's comp. 

Don't forget
Customs on Thursday 18 hole roll up £3 to enter (stableford white tees)
The Turkey trot on Saturday a stableford comp with lots of prizes. There's plenty of space on the sheet to enter and I believe the wind is dropping for the weekend. 
Maybe this week Taff could actually win something. Only joking Taff.

Christmas Golf lessons

Hi guys!. Christmas is fast approaching!. I have some discounted golf lesson vouchers on offer. These would make an ideal gift for Christmas!. Please contact Merlin Golf Club on 01841 540 222 to hear some of the great package deals this Christmas. if you wish to speak to me in person, my number is 07786 707 711. Please like and share!. Thanks.

Monday, 7 December 2015

December Medal and Bring and Win Ladies Results

Undaunted by the persistent wet and windy weather, 45 men and women turned out to play in Merlin's December medal and Christmas Bring and Win Competition. Resulting net scores ranged from 72 to 103 with a fair few not returned. Jackie Buckingham won the ladies section with a net 72 and Sue Sykes came second with net 79.