Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Merlin News

Apologies first of all to Jody Clark for taking the mick out of his drive on the 13th in last weeks news letter. He didn't pass the ladies tees but I forgot to mention that we were playing off the yellow tees, only ten feet back.

We finally got some competitions played last week so here are the results.
1st Pete Lawrey
2nd John Bate
Winter league
1st Rob Hall and Adrian Steele
2nd Simon Tonkin and Bob Marland
3rd Ben Crossley and Donald Dunn

Coming up this week we have the customs 18 hole roll up stableford on Thursday
The winter league on Saturday be in the club house anytime between 10 and 11 to enter.
Don't forget the rearranged monthly medal this Sunday get your name up on the start sheet in the clubhouse. Ben

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

County Call up's

Congratulations to Cary Clark and Zach Burrough on being called up for the Cornwall County squad !!! Well done boys !!!

Merlin News

The weather is not good. The course has been closed a lot despite bears best efforts for which we are appreciative. He has managed to get the back six holes open most of the time and a few of us have attempted to get out. To give you some idea of how bad the weather has been I believe Colsey only managed to get out and play on ten occasions over the Christmas period. 

All competitions have been cancelled so there are no results to report. Mr Mark Davies is still on fire, according to Taff. 

I played with Jody Clark one Saturday morning and despite the near gale force winds blowing across the thirteenth he hit a drive so hard it stayed as straight as any drive I've ever seen, by the time it finish rolling up the cut grass it was only nine or ten feet short of the ladies tees. 

The January medal was cancelled but it is due to be rescheduled for the 24th of January. Please get up to the club and get your name down on the sheet. 

There are a few of the merlin team tops missing which Mr Captain wants back. This is apparently Jim McKenzies fault and so he has offered to buy everyone who returns one a drink, which is good because I've got one. Many apologies to Rob for my still having one and if anyone else has one please bring it back and claim your free drink from Jim next time you see him. We'll never see him again. !!

Hopefully the weather will improve soon and we can get back to the golf. Ben